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Resolving Workplace Drama

Reducing Negative Conflict in Teams and With Colleagues

Negative conflict in the workplace costs U.S. companies billions of dollars annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, management time spent on intervention and resolution, and employee turnover.

However, with the right model and processes, workplace conflict can be turned into positive collaboration and enhanced interpersonal relationships.

Caliente Leadership global facilitator Steven Howard is a Certified Provider in two proven programs from Next Element that help leaders build cultures of compassionate accountability:Leading Out of Drama

  • Conflict and You: The Basics of Compassionate Accountability™
  • Leading Out of Drama®

These programs raise the bar and fill a much-needed gap for organizational leaders seeking practical behavioral solutions for staff to engage conflict in healthy, productive ways.

Both programs feature individual assessments, easy-to-use tools, measured outcomes that assess individual confidence to executive critical behaviors for resilience and agility, and on-going learning reinforcement tailored to the needs of your organization.


Turn Drama Into Collaboration

Don’t let low employee morale caused by negative conflict and strained interpersonal relationships prevent your company from achieving your revenue and profit goals.

Contact us today ([email protected] or 760-835-7870) to discuss how easy it is to turn workplace drama and negative conflict into compassionate accountability, increased collaboration, and greater employee engagement.


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