Steven B. Howard

Leadership Development Facilitator

Coach | Author | Keynote Speaker

Steven Howard brings expertise in leadership, business development, and marketing. An award-winning author of 18 books with 36 years of international senior sales and marketing experience, his corporate career covered a wide variety of fields and experiences, including Regional Marketing Director for Texas Instruments Asia-Pacific, South Asia / ASEAN Regional Director for TIME Magazine, Global Account Director at BBDO Advertising handling an international airline account, and VP Marketing for Citibank’s Consumer Banking Group.

Today he delivers Great Leadership keynote speeches and delivers customized leadership training programs that focus on leadership mindset, leading people, leading people development, and leading for results.

Since 1988 he has delivered leadership development programs in the U.S., Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa to numerous organizations, including Citicorp, Covidien, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, DuPont Lycra, Esso Productions, ExxonMobil, Hewlett Packard, Medtronic, Micron Technology,  Motorola Solutions, SapientNitro, Standard Chartered Bank, and others.

He has been a member of the training faculty at MasterCard University Asia/Pacific, the Citibank Asia-Pacific Banking Institute, and Forum Corporation.

Steven Howard specializes in creating and delivering Leadership Development curriculum for frontline leaders, mid-level leaders and high-potential leaders. His experience includes deliveries of Leading With Influence, Building Adaptability To Change, Leading Change, Leading Across Boundaries, Leading Complex Decisions, Dilemma Management, Coaching Clinic, Collaboration Skills, and bespoke leadership programs for ExxonMobil, Covidien, Motorola Solutions, Hewlett Packard, and Micron Technology.

In addition to his leadership facilitation work Steven has served on several Boards in both the private and non-profit sectors. He has also chaired a strategic advisory group for a local government entity and a national sporting organization that is a member of the Australian Olympic Committee.

He approaches all client assignments with a truly international and multicultural perspective, having lived in the USA for 27 years, in Singapore for 21 years and Australia for 12 years. He currently resides in Southern California.

Steven is the author of 18 leadership, business, and motivational books and the editor of four professional and personal development books in the Project You series. His latest book is Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Sagawhich has won three prestigious publishing industry awards (2017 Independent Press Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and San Francisco Book Festival Award).

Steven Howard was the featured guest in July on The Remarkable Leadership Podcast hosted by Kevin Eikenberry. Listen to Steven and Kevin discuss corporate culture, ethics in business, and other leadership lessons from the Volkswagen Saga:

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