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Readers Give High Praise to VW Scandal Book

Readers are giving high praise to our book on the Volkswagen emissions test cheating scandal — Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Scandal.

As the author this is most pleasing. Not the praise itself, nor the kind words. But to know that our book has resonated so thoroughly with readers across the world (one reviewer lives in the Ukraine, while two others are in Australia and Singapore).

Here’s a sampling of the remarks that readers are leaving on Amazon:

Volkswagen Scandal Book: Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Scandal

Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Saga by Steven Howard

“An amazing recounting of the Volkswagen scandal.”

“Steven Howard proves to be the Stephen King of Corporate Horror.”

“This book is THE AUTHORITY on the Volkswagen Saga. Period.”

“A fascinating read with a good deal of sound advice on how to lead effectively.”

“Very, very well researched.”

“A real page turner if you like to see the dirty side of corporate greed on a mass scale.”

“The author is a recognized expert in corporate leadership issues.”

“Steven Howard has made a career out of studying all aspects of corporate leadership.”

“Steven Howard successfully breaks down complex topics and makes it easy to understand while not simplifying the problem.”

While the reference to famed novelist Stephen King is undoubtedly an accolade to far, it is nevertheless nice to read!

You can read all the reader reviews on Amazon at:  Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Saga 


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