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Top Leadership Thoughts To Read This Summer 

Welcome to the half-way point of 2017. How is your leadership development and continuous improvement going?

As I know how hard to stay on top of the numerous magazine and website articles on leadership and leadership skills, I have been posting on our website at the end of each month the best articles that I have come across and read. These leadership articles covered important leadership mindset and leadership skill topics such as:

  • corporate culture
  • giving effective feedback
  • authentic leadership
  • common leadership mistakes
  • ethical business practices

Here are the best articles on leadership written this month:

Nine Minutes Can Make Your Team Superstars (Forbes, June 27)

5 Skills the Most Effective Managers Have (Fox Business, June 27)

Motivating Employees Is Not About Carrots or Sticks (Harvard Business Review, June 27)

How To Build A Team Of Self-Starters (Forbes, June 27)

The Sacrifice Every Leader Should Make for Employee Morale (Inc. Magazine, June 22)

Why Great Leaders Care About Culture All the Time, Not Just When It’s Bad (Inc. Magazine, June 22)

Good Managers Give Constructive Criticism — But Truly Masterful Leaders Offer Constructive Praise (Quartz, June 22)

You Don’t Need to Force Culture. Just Listen to Your Employees (Inc. Magazine, June 21)

Motivating Employees Should Be One of a Leader’s Top Priorities (Forbes, June 20)

5 Keys To Authentic Leadership (Forbes, June 20)

Ethical Business Practices Start at the Top (Washington Post, June 19)

5 Bad Leadership Habits That Will Make You Look Totally Unprofessional (Inc. Magazine, June 11)

How to Handle Underperformers on a Team You Inherit (Harvard Business Review, June 15)

The 4 Secrets of Remarkably Effective Leaders (Inc. Magazine, June 16)

5 Leadership Mistakes Even the Best Bosses Make (Inc. Magazine, June 12)

Knowing the Difference Between Facts and Emotions Can Help Control Conflict (Inc. Magazine, June 10)

3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Timid Leaders (Forbes, June 8)

5 Ways to Give Feedback That Inspires People to Grow, Not Shrink (Entrepreneur, June 9)

The Number One Reason Inclusive Leadership Fails (Entrepreneur, June 8)

7 Leadership Habits That Are Demoralizing Your Team Without You Realizing It (Inc. Magazine, June 6)

8 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave (Ladders, June 8)

Links to each of these individual articles can be found on the Great Leadership Articles page of the Caliente Leadership website.

Also, if you are looking for a good leadership book for the plane or the beach this summer, we suggest 8 Keys To Becoming A Great Leader: With Leadership Lessons and Tips from Gibbs, Yoda & Capt’n Jack Sparrow. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.

Lastly, if you subscribe to Flipboard, you follow the Leadership by Steven B Howard magazine, which now has over 900 articles on leadership.

Happy reading!

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