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Leaders: Mindfulness Is No Longer Just a New Age Buzzword 

Leadership is a mental game. Part of being a great leader is being mentally strong.

This is not always easy when under pressure or when you are tired. Mindfulness, or the art of being present and acutely aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, is a great practice for monitoring your mental strength and emotional health. Mind Full Leader | Mind Full Brain

Mindfulness is no longer just a New Age buzzword with no relevance to the rough and tumble world of business and leadership. Rather, this centuries-old practice of paying purposeful attention in the present moment without judgment is now being used by an ever-growing list of corporate leaders from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

Mindfulness has been a hotbed topic of extensive scientific research in recent years, with much of the research revealing numerous physical and mental health-related benefits for those who engage in a regular mindfulness practice.

The many benefits of mindfulness for leaders include greater focus and attention, sharpened memory, an improvement in complex thinking, better ability to analyze multiple sources of information, enriched listening skills, increased brain acuity, enhanced ability to remember faces and names, and even a heightened ability to read people’s emotions.

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