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Mindfulness Goes Beyond Clarity and Lucidness, Builds Stronger Leaders 

Mindfulness is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental and heightened state of observation of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences at a particular moment in time. It is a capability that all humans possess.

The more often you can do this, the more consciously aware you become of the decisions you are making, the actions you are taking, and the behaviors you are exhibiting. Additionally, mindfulness helps interrupt automatic, reflexive reactions (both cognitive and emotional) that can lead to fear, worry, anxiety, angst, apprehension, and negative premonitions. By using mindfulness in our actual experiences in the moment we also increase the likelihood of exerting more conscious control over our reactions, thoughts, decisions, and behaviors. Mindful Leader | Leadership Mindfulness

The key is to be nonjudgmental in the moment. There’s plenty of time later for rehashing how or why you have made a mistake, treated someone poorly, or done something that results in the carrying of some guilt or angst.

Mindfulness can also lead to an increased ability to break current habits holding you back from peak performance and inner peace. Additionally, just like our physical bodies, our brains can change its physical form and function throughout our lives in a process scientists call brain plasticity. And the best news: by using mindfulness techniques and practices you can be in charge of your brain and its future development.

While cognitive in approach, mindfulness goes beyond clarity and lucidness. Mindfulness results in greater confidence in one’s actions and decisions, which means it is also a powerful way of battling that old foe procrastination. Those who are more confident in their decisions are more motivated to take action and be committed to pursuing desired outcomes than those who remain hesitant because their minds are too full for contemplative and calm analytical thoughts.

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