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Best Articles on Leadership, Leadership Skills, and Leadership Development 

At the beginning of each month I share the best articles on leadership, leadership development, and general leadership skills that I have read during the previous month.

Here are the articles from June that most caught my attention and that I highly recommend to you. The articles from last month included:

  • 7 Smart Habits of Bosses That Show Emotional Intelligence
  • Successful Leaders Know They Can Learn From Everyone At Their Company
  • To Be An Effective Leader, Sometimes You Need To Give Yourself A Time Out
  • Try These 12 Strategies If you Need To Stop Micromanaging
  • Four Ways Managers Subconsciously Sabotage Their Own Teams
  • The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers
  • Becoming An Authentic Leader

You can find this month’s full list of articles, and links to each individual article, at: 

Happy Reading! And remember…….Leaders Are Readers.

Also, I was interviewed recently on a UK talk radio show, contrasting the leadership styles of President Trump and Volkswagen’s management team. I thought it made for an interesting discussion. Here’s the link: me know what you think.

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