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My Personal Leadership Philosophy

I speak often to groups of young and new leaders about the importance of having a written leadership philosophy.

And back in May I shared with you a blog post on how to develop your personal leadership philosophy.

So I thought I should share my own leadership philosophy with you this week. Here it is.

Leadership is an art. 

It is the art of achieving progress through the involvement and actions of others. Great Leadership Skills

The best leaders are people who lead from their own personal strengths, leadership philosophy, and leadership mindset. Great leaders also understand that organizational energy, workplace synergy, and end results are best attained when ambitious people with different and diverse backgrounds and thinking preferences are allowed to perform work together in a safe and supportive environment.

Successful leaders know how to create such thriving and supportive climates by applying the skills of adaptability, motivation, coaching, focus, collaboration, decision-making, communications, and personal development to both themselves and the people they lead.

Strong leaders leverage the emotions of passion, enthusiasm, self-satisfaction, trust, and loyalty to drive creativity, thinking, innovation, energy, and buy-in to strategies, tactics, and activities in pursuit of clearly stated goals and objectives.

There are many ways to create your own personal leadership philosophy and leadership mindset. You could have your own set of rules, your own overriding philosophy of what is right, or know how you will act under pressure and changing circumstances. Or some combination of all three.

No single leadership philosophy can be viable for everyone. Each leader is faced with different circumstances, brings different backgrounds to their leadership positions, and leads widely different teams of people. Hence you have to figure out what the right leadership philosophy and mindset is for you.

Stop and ask yourself, “What is your personal leadership philosophy?” When was the last time you paused and seriously gave this question sufficient reflection? There’s no time like the present to give this question some serious thought and consideration.

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