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Learn How To Make Better Decisions, Improve Thinking Prowess and Create More Desirable Outcomes

The early reviews and comments on my new book Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes have started to arrive and it makes me very proud to share a few of these with you:

“The world is becoming more complicated, and making good decisions is both more important and increasingly difficult. This book helps you understand what’s happening to our brains, and what we can do about it.” Mind Full to Mindful Leadership | Better Decision Making | Better Thinking

Wayne Turmel
The Long-Distance Leader:
Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership


“Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes. How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership. by Steven Howard is an engaging read full of great advice for busy leaders who want to be more effective and to lead with both heart and mind.

Supported by research, each chapter unpacks concrete strategies for the busy professional to become more mindful about their approach to leadership in any organization. This is a book I will definitely recommend to colleagues who are succumbing to the expected stresses and challenges of leadership. This book will help you be your best self!”

Susan Rice Head of School
Palm Valley School
Rancho Mirage, CA 


“Steven mentions LEADERSHIP as both a Science and an Art. After reading this book I would also add Craft. Steven not only gives us a motivational framework in which to apply Leadership but additionally provides practical steps and exercises to deepen our pursuit towards leadership excellence. Even while reading, his enthusiasm and style moved me to begin my own practice. As you read, you will want to have pen and paper at the ready for frequent notes and tips.”

John Petraborg
Global Leadership Development Facilitator


“Steven Howard’s new book Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes. provides the variables that cause “mind full” leaders to make bad decisions. Unconscious biases caught my attention as they negatively impact gender-related decisions daily. Readers are provided with excellent mindfulness techniques that will enable them to move from “mind full” to “mindful” leadership and deliver better outcomes for their organizations.”

Lynn Schmidt, PhD
Author, Shift Into Thrive:
Six Strategies for Women to Unlock the Power of Resiliency 


As an author it is naturally pleasing to receive such strong words of endorsement, particularly from fellow authors, leadership facilitators, and an organizational leader. More important, however, I hope these comments from early readers encourage you to consider adding Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes to your reading list. And to your end-of-year holiday gift-giving list.

The techniques described in Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes will help you make better decisions and improve your thinking prowess. They will also result in you becoming a less stressed and far healthier person.

And that, I am sure you would agree, are definitely four better outcomes that will definitely benefit you immediately, and for years to come.

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