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Leadership Quotes Book. On sale in Kindle Store July 2-8. 

Words have always had the power to inspire.

Great Leadership Words of Wisdom is a collection of over 1000 quotes and sayings from global business leaders, statesmen, athletes, coaches, sages, and philosophers. The book is structured around the award-winning author Steven Howard’s belief that great leadership is an art.

“Great leadership is the art of achieving progress through the involvement and actions of others,” notes author Steven Howard, who has over 25 years of global experience in developing leaders at all levels of organizations and who has published 20 nonfiction books on leadership, management, marketing, and personal development. Great Leadership Quotes | Quotations on Leadership

This collection of quotes on great leadership will inspire your own leadership thoughts, actions, and behaviors. The many nuggets of useful leadership wisdom within these pages will also help you overcome your current and future leadership challenges and desires.

The world needs more inspired leadership. Great leadership is a deliberate, conscious, and purposeful habit. Great leadership is not something reserved for senior management, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Anyone can be a great leader, if only of themselves. One does not need a title or position to be a great leader.

Great Leadership Words of Wisdom will assist and motivate anyone in implementing the art of great leadership and the skills of great leaders.

Great Leadership Words of Wisdom is on sale now through July 8th for only $1.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store. Download your copy today at

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