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Best Articles on Leading in Times of Crisis, Leadership Development, and Leadership 

Not surprisingly, most of the leadership articles I read in April concerned tips and techniques for leading in times of crisis and in high-stress situations. It is a reflection of the pandemic-influenced times that we are going through.

I have added 17 news articles to our recommended leadership articles page on the Caliente Leadership website. We now have over 730 articles on this page on leadership, leadership development, employee engagement, and (now) crisis leadership. Here are a few of the articles just added:

8 Powerful Phrases Leaders Need to Say in a Time of Crisis Great Leadership Skills

5 Reasons Teams Choose To Follow Leaders

7 Ways Introverts Can Become Better Leaders

8 Strategies for Becoming a More Persuasive Leader

How Great Leaders Handle High-Stress Situations

Mindfulness Meditation Is A Management Tool

These are very stressful times. Prolonged stress (which many people are currently going through) is also known to cause degeneration in the area of the brain responsible for self-control. So the longer the shelter-in-place policies remain in effect, the higher will be the incidences of alcoholism, binge eating, and domestic abuse.

On top of that, here’s how prolonged stress negatively impacts your decision making. Here are some blog posts I wrote about how stress and our over-loaded brains impact decision making:

Leaders: Here’s The Impact of Stress on Your Brains Brains

Leaders: How Your Overload Brains Impact Your Focus and Decision Making

What Leaders Should Know About Brain Health

What Leaders Should Know About Their Ageing Brains 

What Leaders Can Do To Reduce Brain Ageing 

I hope you enjoy these blog posts and the 17 new great leadership articles posted today.

Remember, Leaders Are Readers!

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