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Critical Factors for Sustainable Success in the Post-COVID World 

In an engaging interview recently with Edwin Cohen on the Global TV TalkShow, I discussed how leaders should prepare for returning to the work environment and why leaders need to become First Responders and stop being First Reactors.

The #1 goal for leadership teams today is to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

Seismic changes will impact the way organizations build sustainable businesses in the increasingly HVUCA (Highly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) post-pandemic world.

Your supervisors, managers, and leaders need new leadership skills and knowledge to propel your organization forward in the post-pandemic world. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises, many of which are in extremely vulnerable and precarious situations today.

Simply stated, a disruptive workplace requires disrupted thinking to move forward.

Remote Leadership and the Disrupted Workforce  

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a noticeable increase in supervisors, managers, and executives leading remotely located teams and staff. Now, of course, everyone is! Remote Leadership | Leading Remotely | Leading Remote Staff

Expectations are that the large majority of managers and leaders (at all levels of organizations) will continue to manage and supervise working-from-home employees for perhaps the next 12-18 months.

Your organization cannot afford to allow your leaders to continue operating on a trial-and-error basis when it comes to leading remotely located team members. Our Leading Remotely: Engaging and Motivating Remote Team Members virtual training program teaches leaders, managers, and supervisors how to implement best practices in leading remotely located teams and staff.

This virtual leadership program comprises three 90-minute interactive modules and is designed for leaders at all levels of organizations with remote staff reporting to them – supervisors, team leaders, managers, and senior leaders.


Making Better Decisions

Making decisions is an essential component of every leader’s daily life, both professionally and personally. Mind Full Leader | Mind Full Brain

Every day supervisors, managers, and leaders make dozens, even hundreds, of decisions. Unfortunately, stress and other factors often lead good leaders to make less-than-optimal decisions.

Too many leaders operate in a “Mind Full” mode. This is not good. A more effective method is to make decisions in a “mindful” mode.

Your leaders and decision makers cannot afford to return to the pre-pandemic world of making decisions under stress, pressure, and emotional duress. My Making Better Decisions virtual workshop provides best-practice steps to prevent emotional hijacking of your decision-making process, to enable better thinking, better decisions, and better outcomes.

This virtual workshop, comprising four 90-minute interactive modules, will help your organization right now…and as the various global economies rebound.


Virtual Leadership Training Programs | Virtual Training for Leaders, Supervisors, ManagersFree Webinar

My strategic alliance partner, The Perpejulant Institute, and I are holding free webinars on Decision-Making Challenges and The Disrupted Workforce: Critical Factors for Sustainable Success in the Post-COVID World.

I will show why a disrupted workplace requires disrupted thinking to move forward. Your organization cannot build and grow using less-than-optimal decision making in today’s highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Dr. Roberts, CEO and Founder of The Perpejulant Institute, will share research on how Human Performance Technology (HPT Model) can improve operational excellence, close performance gaps, and create a culture of accountability and resilience tied directly to strategic and financial objectives. Dr. Roberts will also share a certification process designed to improve worker performance, strategic planning, financial tactics, and adaptive learning processes to ensure organizational success post COVID-19 and beyond.

You will find more details at

Register today as attendance is limited.

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