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Words of Wisdom from Successful Women Throughout the Ages 

I love when I come across a book that both inspires and motivates current and future generations. When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen is definitely such a book.

This book is a collection of 800+ notable quotations and sayings from women who have helped improve society, business, education, entrepreneurship, and politics throughout history and comes from first-time author Adriana Fuentes Díaz.

When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen exalts the values that give meaning to life and is a reference for future generations, especially women who are taking increasingly important roles in our societies.

Today, more than ever, the powerful voices of women from across the ages needs to be heard and Fuentes Díaz has created a wonderful platform for the expression and exposure of their words of wisdom and advice. In fact, these inspirational words of encouragement and guidance can motivate and arouse all us, not just women.

As the author says, “It has never been more important for women to learn from one another, to help and support one another, and to encourage one another. For, as glass ceilings and other societal constraints fall, there is no doubt that women around the world need to work together in assisting each other to pursue their individual dreams.”

When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen is structured across ten categories that capture the journey of life, including love, happiness, success, friendship, gratitude, values, and forgiveness.

We live in chaotic times, to say the least. Many of us are living in total confusion with little sense of direction and certainty. These hundreds of quotations by dynamic women are a guidepost showing us a way forward with resilience, strength, courage, conviction, and hope.

When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen may be the very anchor we need to collectively return to our values, humanity, and sense of purpose to propel ourselves, and future generations, into a brighter future.

The book is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats and I highly encourage you to read and reflect upon the wisdom contained in these pages.

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