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Today I launched a new playlist on my YouTube channel called Discussions on Great Leadership.

This playlist will feature a series of interviews with senior leaders and executives on the meaning of great leadership, how to develop great leaders, and how good managers can become great leaders.

The interviews will comprise open-ended discussion on Great Leadership, such as:

  • What is Great Leadership to you?
  • Can anyone be a Great Leader? Is there a road map?
  • How can supervisors, first-line managers, and mid-level leaders exhibit Great Leadership skills?
  • How do you develop a great leader in an organization?
  • What are the challenges Great Leaders are facing leading remote team members and staff during lockdowns and work-from-home situations?

My first two guests are Notre Dame Professor Todd Taylor and senior HR Executive Steinar Hjelle.

Notre Dame Professor Todd Taylor teaches leadership and business strategy to engineering students. Todd’s passionate and client-centric leadership style exemplifies a visible role model of excellence, as you will see in this short interview.

Here’s his interview: 

Steinar Hjelle is a highly accomplished HR executive with over 25 years of experience within large scale organizations as a global leader specializing in leadership and executive development, talent and change management, and organizational effectiveness. He shares dozens of tips on the characteristics of great leadership in our discussion:  

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