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Innovative Online Leadership Education Program 

I am excited to announce the launch of The Art of Great Leadership: Skills and Tips for Developing from a Good Manager to a Great Leader, an 8-part online leadership education program.

This unique leadership development program incorporates self-paced learning, personal reviews of individual assignments, and 24 months of group coaching sessions. A $4000 value, it is priced at just $1975 during the launch period.

The Art of Great Leadership is designed to help new and first-time supervisors, managers, and team leaders make a successful transition from an individual contributor role into a manager or leadership position.

According to research, over 60% of new supervisors and managers fail to make a successful transition into their new roles. Amazingly, this failure rate has been consistent for decades. I believe this is mostly due to the lack of leadership training and education provided to newly promoted managers and leaders.

Additionally, having trained and coached over 10,000 leaders, I know that many leadership training programs fail to take effect as participants are force-fed too much information in classroom training events. The Art of Great Leadership program resolves this problem as it includes 24 months of group coaching sessions.

Comprising eight core modules, The Art of Great Leadership program covers the critical areas of leadership that leaders, especially new managers and leaders, have to cope with on a daily basis:

      1. Multiple Hats of Leadership
      2. Communicating as a Leader
      3. Leading for Results
      4. Leading People
      5. Leading People Development
      6. Mindful Decision Making
      7. Leadership in Today’s Difficult Situations
      8. Leading Your Own Personal Development and Growth

This distinctive leadership development program uses a blended learning methodology, combined with 24 months of practical reinforcement, knowledge sharing, and coaching.

While suited for corporations and organizations, The Art of Great Leadership also provides an opportunity for those in smaller organizations to learn best-practice leadership skills. Priced at just $1975 during the launch period, The Art of Great Leadership provides Fortune 1000 level training without Fortune 1000 costs.

This is why I designed The Art of Great Leadership for the younger generation of leaders today. Young leaders need to invest in themselves. They cannot afford to wait for their companies to pay for their leadership development. They need to start leading and controlling their own personal development today.

This is why I am making The Art of Great Leadership available for both individuals and organizations to purchase. Discounted pricing will be given to organizations that enroll five or more employees at the same time.

Details and an explanatory video of this ground-breaking leadership development program are on The Art of Great Leadership website.

It is time, for the benefit of the companies and organizations you work for, as well as for yourself, that you become a great leader.

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