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Developing from a Good Manager to a Great Leader 

Since announcing the launch of The Art of Great Leadership online leadership educational program, I have been asked by many why I developed this program for new supervisors, managers, and leaders. So, I’ll share the background and reasoning for creating this distinctive leadership development program here.

I developed this online leadership educational program for two reasons:

  1. Research consistently shows that the large majority of new supervisors and managers fail to make an effective transition from being an individual contributor to a leadership role, and
  2. To help those of you who have started your own businesses — or plan to — be great leaders in your businesses.

Excellent individual contributors and functional experts are often promoted into managerial or leadership positions without any training or support. In effect, they are thrown into the deep end of the pool and left to sink or swim on their own accord.

The objective of this online leadership development program is simple: to help you improve your current skills as a good manager or leader and develop these skills so that you can become a great leader. A leader who is admired. A leader who is trusted. A leader that people look to for motivation, coaching, and direction.

It is time that those of you who do not work in large, Fortune 1000 type companies and organizations are given an opportunity to learn best-practice leadership skills.

It is time, for the benefit of the companies and organizations you work for, as well as for yourself, that you become a great leader.

Learning Comes Through Inspiration

I also believe that the best education comes not from being taught, but in being inspired. That is why I would rather educate and inspire a hundred than teach a thousand.

My goal is to educate you on the core principles of Great Leadership. I am offering you more than just an online training program or a leadership skills course.

This is about you learning how to become a better manager and a great leader. So, I will work closely with you along your journey, as you learn from these video programs and in our monthly coaching sessions.

Invest in Yourself Virtual Leadership Training Programs | Virtual Training for Leaders, Supervisors, Managers

The Art of Great Leadership will guide you through the proven practices and steps that have created other successful executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Do not wait for someone else to develop your leadership skills. Start leading and controlling your own personal development. Today.

Money Back Guarantee  

A friend of mine says that better leaders make better people, spouses, friends, neighbors, etc.

I agree with her. In fact, I agree with her so much that I’ll give you a money-back guarantee.

If you can honestly tell me, after going through the modules in The Art of Great Leadership program and at least three of our monthly group coaching sessions, that this program has not made you a better leader or a better person, then I’ll refund your money – that day – no questions asked!!

Learn More

While suited for corporations and organizations, The Art of Great Leadership also provides an opportunity for those in smaller organizations to learn best-practice leadership skills. Priced at just $1975 during the launch period, The Art of Great Leadership provides Fortune 1000 level training without Fortune 1000 costs.

This is why I am making The Art of Great Leadership available for both individuals and organizations to purchase.

Details and an explanatory video of this ground-breaking leadership development program are on The Art of Great Leadership website.

As I wrote above, it is time, for the benefit of the companies and organizations you work for, as well as for yourself, that you become a great leader.

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