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Recommended Articles on Mindful Leadership, Brain Health, and Workplace Wellness

I have uploaded new article links to the relevant pages of the Caliente Leadership website on the best articles I read in April concerning mindful leadership, brain health, and leadership wellbeing.

Included in these links are articles on:

Using Breath to Transform Health and Build Thriving Business

This Expert Breaks Down How Stress Is Harming You

Have Brain Fog? Here’s How to Feel More Like Yourself

Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions – And Why It’s Hard to Learn from Our Mistakes

5 Scientific Reasons Why Being in Nature is Good for the Brain

You will find the links to these articles on these two pages of the Caliente Leadership website:

Recommended Articles on Leadership Wellbeing and Mindful Leadership

Recommended Articles on Brain Health, Brain Power, and Decision Making

I will add new articles each month and send you an email notification when I do so. If you do not wish to receive this notification email, please let me know and I will take you off this distribution list.

New Ventures

I have started co-hosting two online TV shows:  ThriveXL and StriveXL. These programs join the growing family of online TV Talk Shows from Global Business News.

Both shows will feature leading global thinkers and practitioners providing sage advice and practical tips to help business owners, leaders, and managers lead successful enterprises in the post-pandemic world. The shows are recorded on alternative weeks.

ThriveXL focuses on what we can all do to reduce stress, anxiety, and angst in both the workplace environment and our daily lives.

StriveXL features discussions on how leaders can strive to develop themselves, their team members, and endeavor to be the best leaders and humans they can.

The XL in both show titles represents Living Extra Large, thriving, striving, going the extra mile, putting in the extra-large effort, and always developing one’s self and others Extra Large.

Here are links to the first two episodes:



Please subscribe to both channels to be informed of future episodes.

Also, be sure to check out our list of Recommended Leadership articles.

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