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Bespoke Leadership Development Programs

Creating Great Leaders

Caliente Leadership specializes in bespoke, tailored leadership development training programs designed to meet your specific needs. No off-the-shelf leadership training programs from us.

All our bespoke leadership training programs have an integrated three-prong focus:

These programs can be facilitated as individual workshops or integrated into a comprehensive leadership development program.

We create customized programs linked to your corporate vision and strategies, highly assimilated with your corporate culture. We believe this is the best way to create effective leadership training at all levels of any organization.

Key elements of all our leadership development training programs incorporate our 8 Keys to Great Leadership Model:

  • Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Leadership Mindset
  • Core Set of Leadership Behaviors Aligned With Organization’s Culture
  • Leading Teams and People
  • Leading People Development
  • Leading For Results
  • Ensuring Accountability
  • Communicating as a Leader

Our focus is on developing great leaders at all levels of your organization. As such, we integrate the leadership development curriculum and key messages across senior leaders, mid-level leaders, frontline and new leaders, and high potential leaders. We are also happy to incorporate and build upon your current management models and tools.

Creating Great Leaders Through Bespoke Leadership Development Programs
Tailored Leadership Development Programs Create Great Leaders

What Makes Caliente Leadership Development Programs Different?

To begin with, all our custom leadership training programs are created on a one-time development contract basis, with no on-going licensing fees or material charges. This saves you a tremendous amount of money over the long term.

To enhance the effectiveness of the classroom training sessions, we incorporate Action Learning Projects into all leadership development programs so that models, tools and behaviors can be immediately practiced and implemented in your work environment.

Additionally, we craft a year’s worth of monthly reinforcement messages for internal dissemination by your Learning & Development or HR team. These messages are tailored for your internal communications channels and reference specific content and tools introduced in your customized leadership development program.

We also create tailored Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programs for your internal facilitators and trainers that cover both program content and best-practice facilitation skills.

Lastly, we will never try to sell you an off-the-shelf, standardized program. After all, you are not an off-the-shelf organization!

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