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Remote Leadership: Applying Best Practices in Leading Remotely Located Teams and Staff

How to Engage, Motivate, and Lead Remote Team Members

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, supervisors, managers, and executives were increasingly leading remote teams and staff. During the shelter-in-place and lockdown periods, this has even become the norm!

Forecasts suggest that a significant number of leaders, managers, and supervisors – at all levels of organizations – will continue to manage and lead at least some working-from-home staff or the next 12 to 18 months.

Sadly, there has been a woeful lack of training for leaders in how to lead, manage, and motivate team members working from home or other locations. These skill gaps become quite noticeable during the shutdown of the work environment in the first half of 2020.

Leaders, managers, and supervisors are making things happen in the remote management environment, but only through trial and error and because they are working longer hours. This is stressful and frustrating – for both the leaders and their remote employees.

Best-Practice Skills for Remote Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

Many of the skills of being an effective remote leader are the same as being a co-located leader. Importantly, however, the dynamics of using these skills have specific nuances and application for remote leaders.  

Our Remote Leadership: Applying Best Practices in Leading Remotely Located Teams and Staff training program enables organizations to cascade the skills and behaviors of long-distance leadership to its supervisors, managers, and leaders.

Key topics of this workshop include:

    • What makes remote leadership different
    • The key challenges of remote leadership for leaders
    • The key challenges of working remotely for team members
    • Choosing the right communications tools, methods, and processes
    • How to best engage with remotely located employees
    • How to better gather inputs and ideas from remote team members
    • Setting and communicating goals from a distance
    • Achieving outcomes from a distance
    • Feedback and coaching from a distance
    • Dealing with your challenges as a remote leader
    • Understanding the cross-cultural aspects of supervising employees located in different countries and across numerous time zones

Our core competency is turning good managers, supervisors, and leaders into great leaders. This applies equally to leaders leading remote teams and staff.

Contact us today ([email protected] or 760-835-7870) to discuss how we can help your leaders enhance their skills and capabilities of engaging and motivating remotely located individuals, teams, and colleagues.

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