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Facilitation Certification

Become a Mind Full to Mindful Leadership Certified Trainer

Want to add new content to your training portfolio?

We are certifying trainers and facilitators to deliver our Better Decision Making: Shifting from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership Skills workshop to your own clients and customers. This program is designed for both virtual and classroom delivery.

Included in this 2-day Train-the-Trainer program is an overview of facilitation best practices created by lead facilitator Steven Howard, who has trained over 10,000 leaders in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Certified trainers will receive complete workshop materials, a detailed facilitator’s guide, and a license to print participant materials. You will also have access to a monthly MasterMind session, free content updates, and a license to conduct both public events and corporate workshops.

Additionally, you can purchase bulk copies of Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes at special discounted rates to give to your clients or use in your classrooms.


Benefits of Being a Certified Facilitator 

Once you are a certified trainer, all revenues you earn are yours to keep. There are no revenue sharing fees or commissions to be paid on the programs you generate and deliver. On the other hand, you can also earn sales commissions on keynote speaking, coaching services, and Mindful Leaders MasterMind Group referrals you send to us.

Certification takes place over a two-day Train-the-Trainer program.

Also, in-house TTT programs for organizations can be scheduled at your location and convenience.

To start a discussion on bringing the Better Decision Making: Shifting from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership Skills full-day workshop to your organization through your own in-house training staff, send us a message through our contact page form.

Join our growing global network of certified facilitators today.


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