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Leadership Wellbeing Survey and Solutions

Leading-Edge Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) is a unique, holistic, and evidence-based review and analysis that organizations use to boost workplace wellbeing, resilience, and performance.

Developed exclusively for leaders and their teams, GLWS delivers deep insights and actionable steps to shape and sustain organizational success. It helps leaders and their team members recognize the need to change behaviors and habits that inhibit their overall wellbeing. More importantly, the individual survey results also motivate respondents to make these changes!

GLWS provides a complete review of the factors affecting resilience, energy, and wellbeing in individuals and teams. Addressing both professional and personal environments, GLWS reveals an understanding of the multiple dimensions of wellbeing across all aspects of your leaders’ lives. ​


Stress Leads to Poor Decision Making |Mindful Leadership

Insightful and Actionable Results

The GLWS survey comprises 126 questions that target what matters most to professionals and leaders in the workplace and comprehensively assess their wellbeing. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and investigates two broad sections of Working Well (professional life) and Living Well (home, social, and personal life).

Key benefits of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey are:

  • It provides a wellbeing model that focuses on the whole person by combining and comparing Working Well and Living Well attributes.
  • It integrates a multi-dimensional framework of wellbeing that incorporates resilience, mental toughness, physical health, vitality, energy, sleep, exercise, and nutrition.
  • It forms a strategic foundation for organizations to align and encompass disparate health and wellbeing interventions into a single, overarching, cohesive, and integrated approach.
  • Designed specifically for leaders and professionals at all levels of an organization.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand personal reports and optional team reports.

The GLWS results will enable leaders and their teams to tackle wellbeing priorities. A wide range of tools, training, expert advisory advice, coaching, and encouragement are available every step of the way to enable your organization to create, achieve, deliver, and maintain a wellbeing strategy with proven solutions that work.


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Pricing for the GLWS is $690 per person and includes a 90-minute debriefing session with each individual.

To discuss how GLWS will benefit your organization, please schedule a 20-30 minute call ( or email [email protected].

We can also share some case study results and sample reports with you.

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