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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a highly efficient and productive method for improving the quality of leadership in any organization. Coaching of leaders can be done on an individual 1:1 basis, or with entire leadership teams.

We provide tailored, personalized programs which combine face-to-face sessions, biweekly phone reviews, and detailed action items to be implemented in between coaching sessions. This is an individualized and experiential process that builds a leader’s capability and confidence in achieving short-term and long-term organizational goals.

Our leadership coaching experience has ranged from working with identified high potential leaders to owners and leaders of small businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, and includes mid-level and senior leaders in multinational organizations. Our coaching of supervisors, managers, leaders, and executives is designed to meet organizational needs for leadership skills improvement, operational needs, and succession planning.

We approach leadership coaching with a partnership mindset, whereby we work closely with individuals to implement behavior change, modify communications patterns, identify powerful self-motivation techniques, and foster higher levels of optimal performance.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the best advice he ever received was to get a coach. Bill Gates says simply that “everyone should have a coach.” Who’s to argue with these highly successful leaders?

Perhaps the best investment your company can make in developing a leadership succession pipeline at all levels is the strategic implementation of leadership coaching. And, if you are a small business owner or operator, then leadership coaching is definitely the best investment you can make in yourself and the future health of your business.

Please click this link to read specifics on our Individual Leadership Coaching Services.

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