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Exclusive Mindful Leaders MasterMind Groups

Enjoy the Numerous Benefits from Engaging with a Mindful Leaders MasterMind Group

Join fellow mindful leaders monthly to exchange information, tips, and news on brain health discoveries, stress relief techniques, and other mindful leadership best practices.

Benefit from group accountability partners and receive unbiased reviews and recommendations on mindfulness and healthy brain technologies. Regular guest speakers are another highlight enjoyed by Mindful Leaders MasterMind Group members.

Each Mindful Leaders MasterMind Group is strictly limited to 15 participants and will meet monthly on conference and video calls. A 40% discount on the annual $1500 MasterMind Group membership fee is given for the first year to the first six members who start and form a new mastermind group.

All sessions will be led by a member of our Mindful Leaders MasterMind Board.

For details on how to join, contact me via email at: [email protected].


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