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Mind Full to Mindful Leadership l:l Coaching Services

Mindful Leadership Coaching

My objective in mindful leadership coaching is to help fine-tune the leadership skills you already possess, and to assist you in ingraining new skills, techniques, and leadership behaviors particularly in the areas of regulating emotions, reducing stress, improve brain health, and creating better habits that lead better decisions, better thinking, and better outcomes.

Coaching sessions are 60 or 90 minutes in length and typically focus on two or more of the following topics in each session:

  • Stress management and stress relief techniques
  • Brain health tactics
  • Mindfulness techniques and practice
  • Meditation techniques and practice
  • Knowing your stress and emotional triggers
  • Listening to your body signals
  • Observing your thoughts

Through objective, honest and confidential feedback, we work in a partnership with each leader on improving their stress management behaviors and how to prevent the emotional hijackings that negatively impact decision making. We also work closely with each individual on how to implement the key skills required to lead mindfully, engage in better thinking, and produce better outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Mindful leadership coaching is conducted both face-to-face and via video calls. To discuss your needs please give Steven Howard a call at (760) 835-7870.


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