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Proven Motivational Skills for the Workplace

Motivation and Leadership — Applying Proven Motivational Techniques in the Workplace

Motivation in the workplace comes and goes, both collectively and individually. Keeping people motivated is not easy, as all leaders find out sooner or later.

A critical leadership mistake, often made by new supervisors and managers, is to attempt to motivate individual team members using the same methods that motivate themselves. However, motivation is personal to the individual; it varies person to person.

Fortunately, the critical factors that increase team or individual motivation are all workplace climate related – which means that good leaders can learn how to leverage these factors and keep individual and collective motivation high most of the time.

These are the skills we teach in our half-day workshop Motivation and Leadership – Applying Proven Motivational Techniques in the Workplace.

This program is built on David McClelland’s Theory of Human Motivation, with explicit examples and lessons on how to apply this leading-edge motivational concept into practice in the workplace. Participants will undertake a self-assessment questionnaire that will reveal their particular motivational profile. They will also use the tools taught to build hypothesis on the motivational needs of their team members and colleagues. 


Learn What Motivates Yourself and Others 

The key contents of the program include:

  • Individual motivation needs assessment
  • Explanation of McClelland’s Theory of Motivation
  • Tips on using McClelland’s Theory of Motivation to motivate colleagues and direct reports
  • Small group exercise using McClelland’s Theory of Motivation
  • Individual profiling of a colleague or a direct report
  • The benefits of improving motivational skills of leaders
  • How motivation links to buy-in

Our core competency is turning good managers, supervisors, and leaders into great leaders.

Contact us today ([email protected] or 760-835-7870) to discuss how we can help your leaders enhance their skills and capabilities of motivating individuals, teams, and colleagues.

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