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Leadership Keynote Topics

Leading Edge Ideas on Leadership and Leadership Accountability

With over 20 years of keynote speaking experience, Steven Howard knows how to engage audiences, deliver thought-provoking content, and work efficiently with conference and event organizers.

He tailors all leadership keynote speeches to reflect audience composition and to link with conference themes and key messages. The topics below will be customized for any leadership retreat, business off-site meeting, corporate or public conferences, or association meetings.

“I challenge my audiences to think and act in new directions. And to become the Great Leaders they are capable of being.” ~ Steven Howard

Leadership Accountability

Leadership Accountability is more than holding people accountable for results.

Great leaders hold themselves and others accountable for the decisions made and the options generated that are producing the results, as well as for the actual outcomes. A great leader will also hold herself or himself accountable for utilizing the right level of delegation when appropriately empowering team members.

This keynote speech on Leadership Accountability inspires leaders to have a bigger organizational perspective than their own departments or goals. It highlights why Great Leaders hold themselves and other leaders accountable for their leadership behaviors, actions, and for making ethical decisions.

8 Keys To Becoming A Great Leader

Leadership author Steven Howard shares with audiences his 8 Keys to Becoming A Great Leader:

  • Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Leadership Mindset
  • Core Set of Leadership Behaviors Aligned With Organization’s Culture
  • Leading Teams and People
  • Leading People Development
  • Leading For Results
  • Ensuring Accountability
  • Communicating as a Leader

Steven illustrates the importance of each area with examples from the corporate world and the three pop icons used in his book 8 Keys To Becoming A Great Leader — Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of the hit TV show NCIS, Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda, and swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


Why Corporate Leaders Must Now Fear the DOJ

One of the most significant lessons stemming from the Volkswagen cheating scandal is that individual criminal activity is now more likely to result in individual charges and penalties than ever before.

In this keynote speech, Steven Howard walks audiences through the new policies of the Department of Justice as outlined in the September 2015 Yates Memo. He describes how this policy has been already been applied to Volkswagen, Takata, and other entities — and what the implications are for leaders of any size organization.

This is an eye-opening topic of which many corporate leaders are unaware of the personal risks they face when their organizations and employees violate U.S. federal laws.

Avoiding Cross-Cultural Leadership Mistakes 

Leading cross-cultural teams, particularly across multiple time zones and geographies, is an increasing challenge for business leaders today.

While the process for leading individuals and teams with cultural awareness and sensitivity is fairly easy to understand, it requires an exposure to the biases and preferences found in other cultures and how these might impact the leader’s ability to successfully lead.

Steven provides a variety of examples from his own business experiences — and the mistakes of others — in this impactful keynote address. With over 37 years of international business and leadership experience, he has a wide range of stories and examples to call upon!

Video: Having a Listening Mindset 

Enjoy this humorous story about the importance of having a listening mindset:

Video: Customers Want To Be Loyal

View this 1:28 clip of Steven Howard speaking on customer loyalty:

Video: Customers Retention Is An Art

View this 1:24 clip of Steven Howard speaking on the art of customer retention:

Video: Customer Retention: TLC & Policies

View this 1:28 clip of Steven Howard speaking on now your policies affect customer retention, and why you must use TLC when it comes to customers (hint: it’s not what you think!):

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