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The Art of Great Leadership Online Education Program

Skills and Tips for Developing from a Good Manager to a Great Leader 

The Art of Great Leadership: Skills and Tips for Developing from a Good Manager to a Great Leader is an innovative, 8-part online educational program to help you become a better supervisor, manager, team leader and put you on a journey to becoming a great leader. 

The program includes a personal learning journal and workbook, personal review of individual assignments, 24 months of group coaching sessions, and a signed copy of 8 Keys to Becoming a Great Leader: With Leadership Lessons and Tips from Gibbs, Yoda & Capt’n Jack Sparrow

Additionally, the monthly group coaching sessions will be kept to small groups (approximately 30 per session) to enable discussions on any hurdles or challenges you face in implementing the tools and techniques you will learn in The Art of Great Leadership program. These coaching sessions will also be recorded in case you cannot attend due to a scheduling conflict and so you can refer back to them as needed.

The Art of Great Leadership will guide you through the proven practices and steps that have created other successful executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders. 


Self-Paced Blended Learning

Comprising eight core modules, the program covers the critical areas of leadership that leaders, especially new managers and leaders, have to cope with on a daily basis:

  1. Multiple Hats of Leadership
  2. Communicating as a Leader
  3. Leading for Results
  4. Leading People
  5. Leading People Development
  6. Mindful Decision Making
  7. Leadership in Today’s Difficult Situations
  8. Leading Your Own Personal Development and Growth

Each module is 60-75 minutes in length and is designed for you to learn at your own pace. There are individual assignments where you will have the option of submitting these for a personal review by leadership development coach Steven Howard.

You will receive powerful, hands-on tips and knowledge throughout all eight modules. There will be tips on making better decisions, best practices for leading people, and techniques for increasing team member engagement, buy-in, and results.

All of the key content is illustrated with real-life, inspirational stories from Steven’s 40 years of global business experience. He will show you how he has used the tools and techniques in The Art of Great Leadership to further his own career and achieve his goals and objectives as a leader in various multinational organizations.

This blended learning methodology, with 24 months of practical reinforcement, is the best approach for you to develop as a leader and become a better supervisor, manager, or team leader.


What’s Included

Each learner receives:

  • Lifetime access to all 8 video educational modules 
  • Personal Learning Journal and Workbook (Downloadable PDF)
  • 24 months of group coaching sessions (60-90 minutes and recorded for later reference) 
  • Autographed copy of 8 Keys to Becoming a Great Leader: With Leadership Lessons and Tips from Gibbs, Yoda & Capt’n Jack Sparrow 
  • Two bonus videos (How Stress and Anxiety Impact Your Decision Making and Building and Maintaining Long-Term Brain Health
  • 25% discount on personal coaching sessions with Steven Howard 

Why I Developed This Program

I developed this series of online leadership development videos for two reasons: 

  1. Research consistently shows that the large majority of new supervisors and managers fail to make an effective transition from being an individual contributor to a leadership role, and 
  2. To help those of you who have started your own businesses — or plan to — be great leaders in your businesses. 

The objective of this online leadership development program is simple: to help you improve your current skills as a good manager or leader and develop these skills so that you can become a great leader. A leader who is admired. A leader who is trusted. A leader that people look to for motivation, coaching, and direction. 

It is time that those of you who do not work in large, Fortune 1000 type companies and organizations are given an opportunity to learn best-practice leadership skills. 

It is time, for the benefit of the companies and organizations you work for, as well as for yourself, that you become a great leader. 

Learn More

For further details, visit The Art of Great Leadership website.

There you will find details on all eight modules, the bonus videos, and the philosophy behind this unique leadership education program. There is also a FAQ section.

Here’s the link:  

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